Lean Launch Ventures Spring 2013 Portfolio Companies


BlueTagMe eventuall named GraviKey was building a tiny tag adding intelligence with smartphone-like tracking to everyday things.  BluetagMe was wrapping a web-based service around a tag with Bluetooth and other wireless technologies inside to protect important valuables. The tag’s always-on presence attached to important possessions, from luggage, pets to keys, to prevent losing or misplacing them and returning if lost.  The target market includes pet identification, airline baggage, laptop bags, and keys.

BlueTagMe / Gravikey is no longer in business. 


CareBooker is a website for booking family care services: child care, pet care, tutoring/lessons, home care, sports/fitness, and senior care.  The tool allows for interviews and appointments to be booked, managed and paid for online, and includes a "Book Care" button which can easily be added to the website of any provider. The target market includes moms, dads, and family care providers such as babysitters, tutors/teachers, pet caregivers, house cleaners, etc. Single market players are potential partners.



The Verge Awards originally named High School Talent Battles is like an online version of America’s Got Talent, but designed specifically for high school students to compete via video upload for college scholarships, and up to $25k funding from business sponsors, for their schools’ arts and enrichment programs. The target market includes 26,000 public high schools with 14 million teenage students, businesses that invest $17 billion/year, and 1500+ colleges w/ arts and related degrees. This is a talent registry colleges will pay to access to help assess applicants - similar to sports sites that perform this function for athletes.

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DashRide is is an online dispatching portal for livery dispatchers to manage rides and drivers which providesa list of scheduled rides, a list of authorized drivers for the company, and a map to visualize the locations of rides currently taking place. A dispatcher is able to:

  • View a list of scheduled rides
  • Add new rides from a call center
  • Assign rides directly to drivers
  • View rides taking place in real time
  • Chat with drivers directly

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    Test My Pitch is an online platform where entrepreneurs draft, share and receive feedback on their idea pitches. TMP's functionality includes templates for scripting, text editing, word counting, functionality to embed video and the ability to get feedback on either the pitch text or pitch video from our experts or the entire community. It is ready to launch an MVP pilot test.



    Welvio was a platform for creating and delivering physical rehabilitation to patients.  The platform would have allowed physical therapy-based practitioners to prescribe customized home exercise plans that are engaging, while enabling patient-compliance feedback to the therapist and patient (as well as third parties, such as, insurance companies). The Microsoft Kinect [and/or similar type sensors] was going to provide the basis for feedback and performance tracking. Target markets were to include the physical therapy-based recovery sectors along with select fitness and preventative wellness sub-segments. Welvio did not launch due to a late pivot during the program and became Athlete Innovation which is still in business and growing.