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Andy Moss

I started my career as a developer at the birth of the PC era.  The most important thing I learned over the years has been - how to learn.  After bopping around the corporate IT world in NYC for 9 years, I found myself at a young technology company trying to earn it's way into the enterprise market.  In those days, there was no startup tech community in NYC.  Corporate IT was all there was.  In those 9 years I got my first programming job producing benefit statements, left there to work at an early startup where I taught myself "C" to build a PC-based national claims processing system, then ran a large ($25MM) project for a major insurance company to automate agency operations, and later managed a boutique technology consulting firm on Wall St. Suddenly I found myself launching and managing the consulting business for Microsoft in NYC. During my 17 year Microsoft career, I initiated and helped launch a variety of new products and services involving development tools, digital media, an international network of training centers, and co-authored a software development methodology. In the closing years of a long run with the company, I gained a deep understudying of the impact government can have both pro and con on the technology industry when I was driving technical public policy for the Windows Division. Since leaving Microsoft I've launched my own startup, advised others and have been an active investor in startups for the past decade or more. 

At Lean launch Ventures, I have the opportunity to bring all these amazing experiences together to do what I love – helping people learn how to learn to explore their passions for business opportunities they see in front of them. The Lean methodology together with the Lean LaunchPad curriculum provide a fantastic platform we are leveraging to share our knowledge and broad network with entrepreneurs in pursuit of their dreams.